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Pregnancy Support Medicine Bundle

Pregnancy Support Medicine Bundle

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For those preparing for pregnancy.

This bundle provides the Chinese Medicine essentials  to support you in a pregnancy-safe holistic way for symptoms like: nausea and food aversions, pain,  anxiety, fatigue, sinus congestion or head colds.

  • Bone Broth Booster: A blend of powerful blood and qi boosting Chinese herbs designed to be added to bone broth, soup or made as a stand-alone tea.  Bone broth is a  powerful way to reduce inflammation, build blood and energy, and support adrenal health. Safe and effective for use during pregnancy. 
  • Morning Sickness Soother: an incredible medicine cabinet staple during pregnancy. Just pour boiling water over  1-2 teaspoons of  powder, let cool to warm temperature and drink as  needed.  This Chinese herbal formula  has been used to offset the effects of pregnancy related nausea and food aversions for  millennia. 

  • Relieve: Topical Magnesium Spray: a topical pain relief liniment that combines the effects of magnesium and Chinese herbs, blended to relax soft tissue, encourage blood circulation and relieve aches and pains. 

  • Breathe Free: a powerful immune builder that focuses on keeping the upper respiratory system open and strong. This can be taken as a preventative for head colds and sinus infections or  to encourage the body to recover more  quickly. It is also useful for pregnancy related sinus congestion and allergies. Safe for use during pregnancy, of course. 
  • Turmeric Tulsi Chai: featuring herbs traditionally used for their Warming, Immuno-supportive, and anti-inflammatory properties
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