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Are you filling your patient’s herbal formulas with out-of-state mail order dispensaries? Or maybe you’re prescribing less herbal medicine than you’d like because you haven’t found a dispensing system that works for you yet. Would you prescribe more herbs if you had a Chinese Herbal Pharmacist to run questions by when they come up clinically?


Hello! I'm Hayley Gardner MSOM DCCM, a licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner specializing in Chinese herbal medicine, and I have an exciting announcement for you! I operate a full Chinese Herbal Medicinary, Estuary Herbs, right here in central Florida that is available to you for all of your herbal needs. We offer all standard herbal pharmacy services and formulations, such as custom granule, raw, glycerite, and liquid concentrate delivery formats. We have a full herbal pharmacy of over 200 single herbs for you to use through our easy-to-use online system. 

With our online dispensary system, MyMedicinary, you have access to your own Practitioner Portal that you can use to:

  • Write custom formulas

  • Track patient orders

  • Create professional pharmacy labels for your formulas with customized instructions

  • Order ready-made over-the-counter Chinese Herbal formulas, available to be private labeled or used as-is

  • Create patient portals for refill ordering

  • And much more!

As a clinical Chinese herbalist of 15+ years with extensive post-graduate training in Classical Chinese Medicine, I also offer clinical guidance and support to busy Practitioners like you.  My goal is to help you to easily and effectively add herbal medicine to your practice to elevate your treatment outcomes without creating additional workload for you. 

If you have any questions or would prefer to get to know us before registering, we're only a phone call or email away! You can call us at 727-202-5744 or email or any time. We will be happy to introduce ourselves and answer your questions!


Register for your Practitioner MyMedicinary account to start prescribing formulas today!