Where the sea and the river intertwine, an Estuary is formed. The mingling waters create a nutrient-rich, fertile sanctuary for wildlife to reproduce and rejuvenate. A natural barrier between land and sea, an Estuary upholds the balance that keeps the cycle of life intact.


Inspired by the power of this delicate environment, Estuary Herbs was created to do the same for you. A synthesis of nutrition and Classical Chinese Medicine, we provide the nourishment you need to maintain balance in your internal environment, wherever you are in your life cycle.


 We support patients on their path to better health as well Chinese Medicine Practitioners across the country in providing exceptional and effective Chinese herbal medicine to their patients.



The Herbalist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner:

Chinese Medicine has been a driving passion for Hayley for over 15 years. She has been privileged to work and study with master physicians of Chinese medicine and has gathered invaluable knowledge along the way. She owned and practiced at Rain and Shine Holistic Healthcare in Portland, Oregon for the past 8 years, and during that time conceived the beginnings of what is now Estuary Herbs. Having explored both the clinical and scholarly aspects of Chinese Medicine, Hayley has chosen to make her contribution to this field one of accessibility, without compromising it’s integrity or efficacy.

Hayley's Chinese Medicine journey began with an 8 year internship with master physician, Ni Hai-Sha at the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association. She completed her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, and has continued with extensive post-graduate herbal training with Dr. Arnaud Versluys of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine since.

As a clinical herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner, Hayley is a guide to her patients. When symptoms arise, she teaches her patients to understand the purpose these symptoms play in their bodies, then how to ease and prevent them. Hayley is now using her experience to provide customers with relief from common conditions using the widely applicable Classical Chinese herbal formulas that have served her patients for years.


Hayley has spent her career studying the Han dynasty source texts, Shang Han Lun  (Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders) and Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet) and understanding her medicine through their lens.

In applying their wisdom to Estuary Herbs, Hayley is able to highlight the elements of Classical Chinese herbal medicine that are most relevant to folks in the western world. With this, she brings a superior line of Chinese herbal products to her customers and fellow practitioners that can be easily utilized for great results.


 Contact: Hayley@estuaryherbs.com