Shipping Policy

As a small business each of our products pass through our hands every step of the way.  From sourcing ingredients, turning raw ingredients into our final products, to bottling, packing and shipping, we do  it all with love and attention. This is how we ensure that only the very best quality product reaches you. 

You can expect your products to ship within 3 business days from the day you order (or if you are invoiced, from the day you pay), and if there is a delay in your package for some unavoidable reason you will be contacted  during this time and given options. 


Due to the fragile nature or our glass bottles, liquid concentrates (including those in bundles) are not available for international shipping. We want your herbal medicine to reach you exactly as it left us. Please select a powdered version of your Chinese herbal formula if you require international shipping. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact

We do not hide the cost of shipping in our product pricing.  We simply pass on what it costs us to ship these products to you. We know shipping can be expensive and we are forever looking for more economical shipping options.

If you are interested in avoiding shipping costs please see our clinics and retail shop partners to find Estuary Herbs near you. If you are not near anyone who carries our products, please  ask your local Acupuncturist or natural health store to consider it.

Thank you!