Herbal Delivery Formats

We offer Customized Chinese Herbal Medicine in a variety of delivery formats to meet different needs



Concentrated Granule Extracts

    • Coarse granule powder that dissolves in hot water
    • standard dose is 5-8 grams twice daily
    • minimum order of 100g (about a one week supply)
    • alcohol free



        Concentrated Liquid Extracts

          This delivery format is made using the traditional decoction method of herbal medicine making. We then concentrate the liquid from the 3 cups a day, one would traditionally consume, to just 2 tablespoons. This formula is then preserved and  enhanced with an herbal (alcohol) tincture of the same formula. We end up with a potent, shelf stable, concentrated liquid. The standard dose is 15 ml (approximately 1 TBS) twice daily. It is shelf-stable at room temperature and contains up to 20% alcohol by volume.
          • a concentrated Tang or water-decocted herbal preparation
            • 20% alcohol content makes it shelf stable and rapidly absorbed
              • a standard dose is one tablespoon twice daily
              • minimum order of 32 oz (a one month supply)



                    Custom Herbal Glycerite Syrup 

                    This starts the same as the Liquid Concentrate above, and is concentrated further to create a thicker liquid, then preserved with non-GMO vegetable glycerine. The dose is only 1/2 Tablespoon for the same amount of medicine as the full Tablespoon of the Liquid Concentrate. This formula is alcohol-free and contains no excipient or rice starch.  1 month supply is our minimum order and comes in a 16 oz amber glass bottle.

                    • Minimum order is 1 month supply and comes in one 16 oz bottle
                    • Double concentrated from our Liquid Concentrate
                    • Alcohol-free, preserved with non-GMO vegetable glycerine
                    • Average adult dose is 1/2 TBS (7.5 ml) twice daily
                    • Contains no starch or excipient, just herbs, veggie glycerine and filtered spring water
                    • Each of our Over-The-Counter formulas is available in this delivery format



                          Powdered herbal formula

                            • a traditional San
                            • finely ground herbal powder
                            • not concentrated
                            • can be consumed as a hot tea or mixed in smoothies or food