Learn About Different Forms of Herbal Medicine

We offer three forms of Customized herbal medicine:


Concentrated Granule Extracts

    • Coarse granule powder that dissolves in hot water
    • standard dose is 5-8 grams twice daily
    • minimum order of 100g (about a one week supply)
    • alcohol free

        Concentrated Liquid Extracts

          This delivery format is made using the traditional decoction method of herbal medicine making. We then concentrate the liquid from the 3 cups a day, one would traditionally consume, to just 2 tablespoons. This formula is then preserved and  enhanced with an herbal (alcohol) tincture of the same formula. We end up with a potent, shelf stable, concentrated liquid. The standard dose is 15 ml (approximately 1 TBS) twice daily. It is shelf-stable at room temperature and contains up to 20% alcohol by volume.
          • a concentrated Tang or water-decocted herbal preparation
            • 20% alcohol content makes it shelf stable and rapidly absorbed
              • a standard dose is one tablespoon twice daily
              • minimum order of 32 oz (a one month supply)


                  Herbal Nectar

                  This delivery format starts much the same as  our liquid concentrate,  using traditional Chinese decoction methods. We then concentrate the formula to a semi-solid state. The addition of organic, local honey sweetens this potent formulation, while giving it a silky texture that is easy to dose and  consume. This formula is also shelf stable at room temperature, containing up to 20% alcohol tincture. A standard dose of  our Herbal Nectar is 2-3 ml or approximately 1/2 teaspoon twice daily.

                  • minimum order is 1 month supply that comes in four 2 oz jars
                  • our most concentrated formulation
                  • only available at Estuary Herbs
                  • average adult dose is 1/2 tsp twice daily
                  • no starches or excipients, just herbs, honey, cane alcohol and water
                  • easy to take, convenient and sweet without sacrificing any potency or efficacy


                  Custom Herbal Glycerite Syrup [from raw herbs]

                  This starts the same as the Liquid Concentrate above, and is concentrated further to create a thicker liquid, then preserved with non-GMO vegetable glycerine. The dose is only 1/2 Tablespoon for the same amount of medicine as the full Tablespoon of the Liquid Concentrate. This formula is alcohol-free and contains no excipient or rice starch.  1 month supply is our minimum order and comes in a 16 oz amber glass bottle.

                  • Minimum order is 1 month supply and comes in one 16 oz bottle
                  • Double concentrated from our Liquid Concentrate
                  • Alcohol-free, preserved with non-GMO vegetable glycerine
                  • Average adult dose is 1/2 TBS (7.5 ml) twice daily
                  • Contains no starch or excipient, just herbs, veggie glycerine and filtered spring water
                  • Each of our Over-The-Counter formulas is available in this delivery format


                  Custom Herbal Glycerite Syrup [from granule herbs]

                  • Alcohol free
                  • made from our concentrated herbal granules and compounded into a syrup
                  • Contain herbal granules (which are made of rice starch and herbs),  non-GMO vegetable glycerine, filtered spring water
                  • Sweet tasting, easy to take
                  • Thick syrupy consistency
                  • 1 Tablespoon (15ml) is an average adult dose
                  • Available in smaller batch sizes 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz sizes
                  • For an average adult if taken twice daily the sizes will last
                    • 4 oz = 4 days or the equivalent of 50g of granules
                    • 8 oz =8 days or the equivalent of 100g of granules
                    • 16oz =16 days or the equivalent of 200g of granules


                      Powdered herbal formula

                        • a traditional San
                        • finely ground herbal powder
                        • not concentrated
                        • can be consumed as a hot tea or mixed in smoothies or food