Culinary Medicine

Using food as medicine is a concept old as time... 

Our culinary offerings blur the line between food and medicine. You are what you eat,  as they say, and with an understanding of Chinese Medicine Food Therapeutics we have the ability to maximize our potential!
Our Culinary Medicine products are designed to be used with our foolproof recipes or in your own kitchen creations to provide nourishment and balance.


The Chef:

Chef Kelly McCormick has enjoyed a successful career as an executive chef and restaurateur. As someone who’s had a singular focus on ingredients since he was a small child, he’s always had a need to know how his food is grown or made. Eventually, he attended Seattle Culinary Academy and ultimately opened his own restaurant. After facing a sudden health crisis and implementing a strict elimination diet for nearly a year, Chef Kelly began experimenting on himself and got serious about a systematic way of eating for health. He gained a new perspective through this experience, and discovered that when mindful eating is combined with targeted herbal support, incredible change is possible within the body. Additionally, as he learned more about the food industry he became acutely aware of the fact that most things sold as “food” aren’t food at all, and that to “just eat real food” isn’t as simple as it sounds. Through dedicated research and years of trial and error, he’s found ways to make eating healthfully not only possible but enjoyable.

Chef Kelly recently sold his plant-based sushi restaurant in Portland, OR in order to concentrate on healing with food. It had been his mission to provide nourishing food for his customers without sacrificing taste or satisfaction. Now he’s made it his mission to help others learn to provide this for themselves. Kelly is excited to offer a way to integrate food and medicine to unlock new levels of healing. He’s now creating nutrient-dense, symptom-inspired spice blends and accompaniments that pair with easily re-created, delicious recipes that will make you feel as good as they taste!