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Clinical Herbalism Winter Wellness Bundle for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Clinical Herbalism Winter Wellness Bundle for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

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Winter bundles include 4 each of  our most relied upon herbal products for the season. 16 products total, these Chinese herbal formulas have been created and curated for your practice with Winter ease and wellness in mind.

Each of these products has a vital role to play in the health and wellness of your patients this season. Whether it is preventative or treatment oriented, the right formula is at your fingertips. This bundle includes everything you need to easily prescribe, educate, and carry out successful Winter herbal treatment plans for your patients. 

The Herbs:

Each bundle includes 4 each of:

Grounded: Shen Settling 8 oz each (16 doses)
Recharge: Kidney Yang and Qi Building 8 oz each (16 doses)
Soothe: Blood Moving, Shen Settling, Yang Warming 100g (6-10 uses)
Jing Drops: Kidney Qi and Jing Nourishing 4 oz (12-24 servings)

follow links above to learn more about each product, or contact us directly at

These formulas are made by our hands, based on decades of clinical herbal experience, they are:

  • High Quality
  • Potent and Effective 
  • Lab Tested for Purity
  • Expertly Formulated
  • Rooted in the Classics and Adjusted Based on Modern Needs and Clinical Experience

The Practice Benefits:

These formulas will support your practice by:

  • Making it simple for you to provide each patient with the right herbal treatment
  • Improving treatment outcomes and enhancing your existing treatment plans
  • Improving herbal medicine compliance, patients find them to be easy and pleasant to use
  • Boosting income with the sale of herbal medicine

There is no risk: 

  • If you don’t sell your formulas by the end of the season or want to return them you can. We will accept unused, unopened, originally sealed products by February 1st. The products are fully refundable at their wholesale price. We guarantee you will find them to be clinically valuable. 

The Patient Education:

  • Let us help you boost your patient's Chinese Medicine knowledge with beautiful waiting room print materials! Each bundle comes with:

  • 20 mini-booklets

    These colorful 12 page booklets fit in the palm of your hand and teach your patients about the traditional practices and seasonal connections that support a healthy, happy winter!

    • Empower and educate patients
    • Prompt patients to talk to you about Kidney symptoms they may not have considered
    • Encourage referrals: Have a space on the back for your practice information

    25 trifold brochures

    Get patients thinking about the herbal supports available to them this season! These brochures make it clear and simple to understand how each formula can benefit their health, and which formula is right for them. Great for sharing with friends and encouraging referrals!

    1 full color high quality poster

    An eye catching visual that teaches patients about Kidney Yang and the role it plays in health, and how to recognize a need for support this winter!

    1 PDF Practitioner Prescribing Infosheet

    Everything you need to know about how to prescribe these formulas in your practice.  Clinical Herbalism Made Easy.

    1 full color 8.5x11 sheet

    Product page highlighting the 4 seasonal formulas designed to get patient's thinking about herbal medicine as a seasonal support

    Free Shipping on every bundle:                                     use code WINTER at checkout

    We suggest a minimum 25% mark up for retail and clinical sale of these formulas.

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