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Immune Support Medicine Bundle

Immune Support Medicine Bundle

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A great way to stock up the Medicine Cabinet.  Don't wait until you get sick to make sure you have the herbal support you need.


  • For those in need  of Immune Support through Cold and Flu season or a boost all year long. These can be used by the whole family at the first sign of cold symptoms, when you suspect  exposure, or are just feeling run down and want to strengthen your immune system to be preventative.


    • Bone Broth Booster: A blend of powerful blood and qi boosting Chinese herbs designed to be added to bone broth, soup or made as a stand-alone tea.  Reducing inflammation all starts with gut health, and we recommend bone broth as a powerful way to achieve this.
    • Breathe Free: Chinese Herbal Formula Liquid Concentrate for Upper Respiratory and Sinus Health. 8 oz bottle.
    • Breathe Deep: Chinese Herbal Formula Liquid Concentrate for  Lower Respiratory Health and Deep Lung Congestion. 8 oz bottle.
    • Defend: Chinese Herbal Formula Liquid Concentrate for Ear, Nose, Throat Health and Anti-Viral Support. 8 oz bottle.
    • Turmeric Tulsi Chai featuring herbs traditionally used for their Warming, Immuno-supportive, and Anti-inflammatory Properties
    • Golden Shield: Fire Cider featuring ingredients traditionally used to support blood flow to the digestive system, calm inflammation, and stimulate balanced stomach acid. 8 oz bottle.
    • Easy reference sheet for your fridge: Eating for a Strong Immune System: Chinese Medicine Functional Nutrition to Support Immunity and Respiratory Health

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