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Estuary Herbs

Fertility and Reproductive Health Medicine Bundle

Fertility and Reproductive Health Medicine Bundle

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For those wanting to support pelvic health, fertility, and balance in the female reproductive system.

  • Bone Broth Booster: A blend of powerful blood and qi boosting Chinese herbs designed to be added to bone broth, soup or made as a stand-alone tea.  Reducing inflammation all starts with gut health, and we recommend bone broth as a powerful way to achieve this.
  • Cycle: Chinese Herbal Formula Liquid  Concentrate traditionally used to clear pelvic congestion, promote healthy menstrual cycles and fertility. 8 oz bottle 
  • Fertile Ground: spice mix for daily use in cooking, featuring ingredients traditionally used to support reproductive balance and reduce inflammation
  • Chaga Chai for daily used mixed into coffee, tea, or recipes featuring our warming Chai Spice blend and  Activated Reishi, Cordyceps and Chaga Mushrooms used for their Adaptogenic properties. These ingredients have traditionally been used to support healthy stress hormones,  adrenal balance, blood circulation and overall vitality.
  • Easy reference sheet for your fridge: Eating for Reproductive Health: Chinese Medicine Functional Nutrition Therapeutics for Reproductive Health and Fertility Support

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