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Digestive Health Medicine Bundle: Hot

Digestive Health Medicine Bundle: Hot

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For those with symptoms of Stomach Fire, overactive, burning, acidic digestion and tendency toward  loose bowels.

  • Bone Broth Booster: A blend of powerful blood and qi boosting Chinese herbs designed to be added to bone broth, soup or made as a stand-alone tea.  Reducing inflammation all starts with gut health, and we recommend bone broth as a powerful way to achieve this.
  • Digest: Chinese Herbal Formula Liquid Concentrate traditionally used to Descend Stomach Fire and Calm Irritated Digestion. 8 oz bottle
  • Golden Shield: Fire Cider featuring ingredients traditionally used to support blood flow to the digestive system, calm inflammation, and stimulate balanced stomach acid. 8 oz bottle
  • Settle: Tea to be used as needed to support comfortable, calm digestion. 
  • Easy reference sheet for your fridge: Eating for Digestive Health: Chinese Medicine Functional Nutrition Therapeutics for Overactive and Acidic Digestive Systems

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