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Anxiety and Insomnia Medicine Bundle

Anxiety and Insomnia Medicine Bundle

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For those seeking nervous system and mental emotional support. This bundle is designed to give you the tools  you need for acute anxiety management as well as helping you to release the pattern long-term.



With adaptogenic botanicals and minerals that balance the adrenal glands, production of stress hormones,  and release nervous system tension, these products help you to find the calm you crave. 


  • Bone  Broth Booster: A blend of powerful blood and qi boosting Chinese herbs designed to be added to bone broth, soup or made as a stand-alone tea.  Reducing anxiety means reducing , and we recommend bone broth as a powerful way to achieve this.
  • Grounded: Chinese Herbal Formula Liquid Concentrate traditionally used to promote healthy sleep cycles and a balanced nervous system. 8 oz bottle.
  • Turmeric Tulsi Chai featuring herbs traditionally used for their Warming, Immuno-supportive, nervous system balancing and Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Harmony Honey : Nourishing, raw honey infused with adaptogenic and grounding herbs and spices traditionally used to promote a calm, restful mind.
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