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Supports adrenal and kidney health. Traditionally used to support longevity or regain one’s strength after prolonged period of stress. ∞

Chinese Medicine has a long history of using this type of formula as a “longevity tonic”, traditionally believed to keep the energy of the kidneys strong as we age. Chinese medicine describes the process of aging as loss of kidney energy.
You can think of your kidneys as having two fuel tanks. The smaller tank of kidney energy (or qi) can be used up each day and replenished by nourishment and rest as we go. The second tank, our kidney essence, is our larger reserve tank. When we use more than our daily allotment for kidney qi and don’t have the ability to refuel as we go, we start pulling from the reserve tank. The more we use the reserves, the faster we may experience the symptoms of aging. Chinese medicine seeks to slow this process down by helping to refuel the daily tank and prevent the premature use of the reserve tank.
The kidneys are such a vital point for our health from a Chinese medicine perspective, and we should be working to protect them in everything we do. After (or during) experiencing a prolonged period of stress, exhaustion, illness or any other scenario that has caused us to spend more energy than we are able to replenish, it is important to give the kidneys and adrenals some nourishment and care. If we continue to push ourselves without support, live in “fight or flight” mode, can’t get enough sleep, don’t eat the right foods, stay in a state of stress, the kidney yang will suffer and the essence will become depleted. The source texts explain that this exhaustion of kidney energy will show up over time as aching along the kidney channel (the low back, knees, and soles of the feet), premature greying of hair, fatigue, fear, body fluid retention, sexual dysfunction, bone density issues, insomnia, memory loss and more.
Recharge is made up of two classical formulas. The first is Tian Xiong San, used to generate and descend the body’s yang (vital energy) to the core. The second formula, Shen Qi Wan, is described to support the blood and body fluid so that the yang has a strong material substance in which to move. Shen Qi Wan is also traditionally used to keep balance between fire and water, not allowing either element to become too strong or too weak within the body.
To understand this formula’s action, it is helpful to start with the Chinese medicine perspective on how a healthy body functions.
The heart is where the body’s heat is generated, the thermal energy created by the constant movement of this organ creates the body temperature (yang). Heat rises inside the body, just like it does outside of the body. Unless the heat is acted upon by some other force, it will flare upward leaving all of the vital organs below the heart too cold. The body uses yang as a catalyst for all of the biological processes happening in the body, so we need this heat to reach our abdominal and pelvic organs if we want them to work properly.
The lungs are positioned perfectly within the body to help keep the upper body cool and full of healthy moisture, while also pushing the yang down into the lower body. Yang travels through the body in the blood stream. Yang-rich blood is pushed from the heart into the abdominal aorta and moves into the organs of the lower body from there. The kidneys and adrenals directly receive yang and blood from the heart this way, giving them the strength they need to perform their function within the body.
Chinese medicine attributes a different natural element to each of the body’s organ systems, which can help us understand the organs function within the body. Fire is the element of the heart and water is the element of the kidneys. These two opposing forces can work against each other when out of balance, causing dysfunction and uncomfortable symptoms in the body. On the other hand, their opposing nature also works to keep one another in check.
When the heart’s fire (yang) is being pushed down into the cold water of the kidneys, the fire will heat up the water, creating movement within the fluid of the lower body. The same way that heat rises, cold water sinks down, so when water isn’t acted upon by fire, it will accumulate in the lower body.
 When fire is introduced to the water, the kidneys and bladder should have the energy to work together to filter and eliminate waste fluid from the body. This should leave no room for old water retention or incomplete urination. As the fire from the heart stimulates adequate heat within the kidneys, the water continues to heat up and healthy body fluid “evaporates” or moves upward through the tissues of the body.
When water and fire aren’t in balance a negative cycle is set in motion. The kidneys and adrenals can become cold and sluggish, while the body and mind become tired and heavy. Over time the water can accumulate to a degree that the heart can no longer generate the necessary fire because you can’t light a match under water. We can influence the balance of the elements within the body using Chinese herbal medicine.
By restoring the balance between fire and water, supplementing the kidney energy, and anchoring the yang in the lower body, we can make sure that the organ systems of the upper and lower body have the power they need to work in harmony..


Imbalance addressed: Kidney Yang deficiency, Kidney Jing/essence deficiency, Vacuity Taxation, Adrenal Fatigue

Formula Action: stimulate Kidney qi, tonify Kidney Yang, revive water metabolism, warm the kidney to contain water

Base formula: Shen Qi Wan + Tian Xiong San (Kidney Qi Pill + Tian Xiong Powder)

Ingredients*: Shan Yao, Sheng di huang, Shang zhu yu, Fu ling, Zhi fu zi, gui zhi, ze xie, mu dan pi, bai zhu, long gu (Discorea, raw rehmannia, cornus, poria, steam detoxified aconite, cinnamon, moutan, white atracylodes, draconis os)

Additional, symptomatic herbs: none

Source Text(s): Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Cabinet)

Additional ingredients: Filtered water, Non-GMO cane sugar alcohol

 *Organic, Non-GMO herbs are used whenever available, all herbs used undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they are free from possible impurities or contaminants.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information in this article is for educational purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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