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Estuary Herbs

Medicine Measuring Cups

Medicine Measuring Cups

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For accurate measuring of your liquid concentrates and other herbal deliver formats we have two different medicine cups for you. 

Disposable Medicine Cups are complimentary, you just have to add them to your order. These measure from as small as 2.5 milliliters up to 30 ml and are perfect for any of your Estuary Herbs needs. Please reuse them as many times as you can to reduce plastic use! 

Sturdy Glass Reusable Medicine Cups are accurate, versatile and dishwasher safe. These measure in milliliters (5ml-30ml), teaspoons, tablespoons and up to one ounce. These are really handy to have in the kitchen in general, but we love to keep one out on the counter next to the herb station ready to go for easy measuring. 

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