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Jing Drops

Jing Drops

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Supports a balanced Water Element for Kidney, Adrenal health and more. Jing Drops nourishes Kidney Essence as a foundation for our health and is formulated to provide the deepest nourishment. We've made it simple (and delicious) for you to access the traditional herbal and culinary wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

This nutty, sweet elixir is perfect for you if you want:

  • a good-for-you daily natural energy boost

  • an easy, tasty, and powerful all-around vital energy support 

  • to retain youthful vigor as you age and encourage graceful aging

  • a delicious, simple, and impactful daily “food as medicine” 

  • to use Chinese Medicine to boost brain health and cognitive function

  • to support cellular and mitochondrial health

  • to include a traditional longevity tonic in your wellness regimen

  • to nourish your Kidney Qi and Jing

Kidney Yang  is the energy that ignites the biological processes and cellular functions of the Kidney Organ System, and in some ways the entire body. You can think of it as your own internal Solar Power

Q:  When do you need this kind of support the most?

A: Year-round during times of increased stress, recovering from long term illness, "burning the candle at both ends", overwhelm, overstimulation, when feeling run down or exhausted. 

A: In the Winter time, when the Sun and nature’s Yang energy is scarce, it’s important to support our internal Yang to have good energy, a clear mind, and balanced emotions. And if we think of Yang Qi as our solar energy, then Jing is like the battery that holds it. For robust health and vitality, we must protect both our Kidney Qi and our Kidney Jing. 

Jing Drops are formulated to be a daily, culinary medicine boost to your Kidney Jing and Qi. Providing the kind of precise nutrition and energy that helps our body consolidate, conserve and build Kidney Jing (essence) and Qi (energy) is a particularly powerful act of self-healing in the Winter, when our body is focusing our energy on the Kidney organ system.


Flavor Profile:  Sweet and nutty black sesame and honey are the primary flavors that come through. Inspired by the traditional Asian black sesame deserts, this formula is absolutely delectable. There is an ever-so-slightly mineral-like or savory undertone and pleasant hint of something herbal that really round out the sweetness of Jing Drops into a perfectly balanced flavor that leaves no question in your mind you are being nourished from the root up. Just trust us, it tastes really good.

Formula Action: Nourish Kidney Yin and Yang Qi, Nourish Kidney Jing, provide cellular nutrition

Ingredients: Toasted Black Sesame Seeds (Hei Zhi Ma), Psoralea (Bu Gu Zhi), Cordyceps (Dong Chong Xia Cao), Polygonatum (Huang Jing), Cooked Rehmannia Root (Shu Di Huang), Seamoss, Shilajit, Raw Honey, Celtic Sea Salt, Trace Minerals, Spring Water *

How To Use: suggested dose is approximately 1-2 TBS daily for an adult.  This is a safe food-as-medicine support and is intended to be enjoyed and used liberally as needed. Try it by the spoonful or mix in hot milk of your choice to make a delicious sesame-latte. Add to your hot or blended beverages for a tasty nutrient boost.

While generally considered to be a safe herbal support during pregnancy and breastfeeding, check with your medical provider before using any herbal supplement.

*Organic herbs are used whenever available, all herbs used undergo laboratory testing to ensure they are free from possible impurities or contaminants.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information in this article is for educational purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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