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Supports upper respiratory health.∞

Traditionally used to open the nasal passages and promote clear, comfortable sinuses.∞


Chinese medicine considers the qi layer at the surface of the body (Tai Yang) to be linked with the immune system. It acts as a barrier between the external world and our body’s deeper layers. Chinese Medicine also views wind as a negative influence that affects the body from the outside and causing a functional disruption of the body’s energy (Qi) flow.
 When then wind’s influence is stronger than our body’s protective energy that circulates at our surface (known as Wei qi), this energy becomes impaired in some way. The body could now be susceptible to pathogens like bacteria or viral infections.
The most obvious indication that Tai Yang is stuck is a stiff neck and headache at the base of the skull. This will often follow exposure to wind. In addition to the headache, one of the other key symptoms of this pattern is sweating. This is the body’s attempt to push more energy toward the surface to fortify its protective layer.
For some this imbalance will move deeper to affect another layer of the body called Yang Ming. If this happens, we will see congestion of fluids through the nasal passages and eyes. This leaves us with stuffy sinuses or sneezing, dry eyes (or water eyes, as the body attempts to moisten them), and likely a frontal/sinus headache. This is imbalance can make us more prone to allergies and chronic nasal congestion.
The source text indicates this formula, Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang for these patterns. This formula works by restoring circulation and good moisture to the Yang Ming layer and releasing the pathogenic influence and expelling wind from the surface, Tai Yang layer. Once the flow of Qi is restored to the affected layers normal function is able to be restored in the body.
We have added 3 additional herbs to this formula that may assist the body in opening the nasal passages to make breathing easier while the body rebalances..



Imbalance addressed: Tai Yang wind invasion and congested fluid in Yang Ming

Formula Action: Clear congestion in Yang Ming, regulate and release the surface (Tai Yang), regulate the protective and nutritive qi

Base formula: Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang (Cinnamon and Pueraria Decoction)

Ingredients*: Ge gen, Gui zhi, Da zao, Bai shao, Zhi gan cao, Sheng Jiang (pueraria root, cinnamon twig, jujube, white peony root, honey stir-fried licorice root, fresh ginger root)

Additional, symptomatic herbs: cang zhu, xin yi hua, shi chang pu (red atractylodes, magnolia bud, grass-leaved calamus)

Source Text(s): Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage)

Additional ingredients: Filtered water, Non-GMO cane sugar alcohol



*Organic, Non-GMO herbs are used whenever available, all herbs used undergo laboratory testing to ensure they are free from possible impurities or contaminants.

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