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Anti-Toxin Heat Clearing Liniment

Anti-Toxin Heat Clearing Liniment

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Our Topical Anti-toxin Liniment is an organic cane alcohol extraction of Huang Lian (Coptis) root. 4 oz bottle. 

We use this liniment on the skin at the first sign of any kind of heat eruption. Thus far it has proven exceptionally effective at eliminating reactions to Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Mosquito bite itching and welts, Bee and Wasp stings, Fire Ant stings (yes, Fire Ants!), Spider Bites,  Athlete's foot, Acne and hot/red skin eruptions.

This is a very cooling, toxic heat clearing herb that we feel belongs in EVERY medicine cabinet and travel first-aid kit.

Some things to know about this liniment:

  • It will stain the skin yellow temporarily, so be careful around cloth you are not intending to dye yellow. 
  • Use it immediately after anything hot, burning, stinging, itchy or rashy pops up on the skin and re-apply as needed.
  • Safe for use on children and during pregnancy/breastfeeding.
  • It will feel uncomfortable/stingy on broken skin, as it is in an alcohol base, though it will not cause damage if used this way.
  • a 4 oz bottle will last a long time... you just need a tiny bit at a time, so you can expect this bottle to last you the year or more with regular use. It's a good investment. 
  • It is perfectly safe for short-term internal use, but very bitter and we recommend different formulations if internal Huang Lian is required. Contact us for a custom herbal formula if you feel you need further support. 
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