Dear Chinese Medicine Practitioner,

 I hope you are well and thriving…

But I’m willing to bet the reality is that you are feeling too busy, stressed, or bordering on burned out.

How did I guess?

Well, I’ve been practicing Chinese Medicine for a while now, and I’ve been through this cycle too. It happens to the best of us when we give so much to serving and supporting our patients in the comprehensive way of Chinese Medicine. It’s just a sign that you need to make a shift.

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I hope it’s ok if I speak candidly with you– I am in a phase of my career right now where direct patient care doesn’t light me up like it used to, and I recognize that I would be doing a disservice to the world of Chinese Medicine if I continued to operate from a place of obligation, rather than a place of joy. I think we owe it to this medicine to share it in the most authentic and effective way we can.

What lights me up now is becoming a source of support, education, wisdom, and encouragement to practitioners of this amazing art and science. I’m teaching at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine so that I can pass on the lineage which is so dear to me, and I’m restructuring Estuary Herbs so that I can focus my time and energy on being of service to practitioners and students.

To me, it’s a win/win. I get to do what I feel passionately about, and, in the process, I make life easier for practitioners who share that passion (that’s you!).

Together, we become a balanced, vibrant ecosystem, taking care of each other so that we can take better care of the people who need this medicine.

Toward that end, I’d like to take a moment to talk about my Practitioner Consultation service. I’m hoping that by demystifying the process a bit, you’ll feel excited to build this service into your practice. 

Here's how it works:

‣ You put your consultation deadline on my schedule ( click here).

‣ You fill out my questionnaire detailing your patient's current symptoms and medical history (things that you would ask during an acupuncture or herbal medicine consultation anyway)

‣ On or before that deadline, I send you a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan tailored to your patient's needs.

Your customized herbal treatment plan will include:

A Chinese Medicine diagnosis

‣ The patient's custom herbal formula (ingredients and amounts, dosage, detailed explanation of indications/contraindications and actions so you can explain it in detail to your patient)

‣ Dietary and lifestyle recommendations if necessary

With that treatment plan, you can…

‣ Fill the prescription with our pharmacy by using the Formula Builder in your MyMedicinary account,

‣ Fill the prescription from your own herbal pharmacy or any herbal pharmacy of your choosing, or

‣ Let us enter the formula and process the order through your account for you. (Full transparency: We charge $5 for this service, but practitioners who are extra busy or allergic to technology report that it is well worth it.)

Now that you know how it works, and because I’m sure you’re short on time, let me cut right to the chase…

For far too many years, I struggled as a solo Practitioner, practically living at my clinic, constantly worrying about how to find the time and energy to make it all happen and do the very best for my patients without letting anything slip through the cracks. I had no idea how to ask for help or who to ask it of!

I have since learned that as healers and business owners, we CANNOT do this alone long term. Success, however you measure it, is all about the support networks we build.

So here’s the offer: The next time you are feeling stretched too thin, or unsure of where to go with a particularly complex case, or wishing you had just a little more breathing room, schedule a Practitioner Consultation.

And because I am committed to building this community of support, I’m going to give you that first consultation for half of my normal fee. When you book your first Practitioner Consultation, I’ll add $27.50 of credits to your MyMedicinary account, which you can apply to your patient’s herbal formula, OR Estuary Herbs products for yourself.

The intention has been set, and the offer is on the table.


To your health,

Hayley Gardner, MSOM DCCM


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