Chinese Herbal Formulas

We offer three styles of Chinese  herbal  medicine:
All of our pre-formulated Over the Counter style herbal formulas as well as Customized herbal formulas are available in each style.
Concentrated Granule Extracts
    • Coarse granule powder that dissolves  in hot water
    • standard dose is 5-8 grams twice daily
    • minimum order  of  100g (about a one week supply)
    • alcohol free
    • uses rice starch as an excipient
        Concentrated Liquid Extracts
          •  a concentrated Tang or water-decocted herbal preparation
            • 20% alcohol content makes it  shelf stable and rapidly absorbed
              • a standard dose is one tablespoon twice daily
              • minimum order of 32 oz (a one month supply)
                      Powdered herbal formula
                        • a traditional San
                        • finely ground herbal powder
                        • not concentrated
                        • no fillers, excipients, alcohols or additives